Our history

NUNAOIL A/S was established to be responsible for the Danish/Greenlandic public participation in Atlantic Richfield Company’s (ARCO) oil and gas exploration on Jameson Land in East Greenland. NUNAOIL participates in the exploration as a carried partner with a licence share of 25%. The ownership of NUNAOIL is split evenly between the Danish State and the Government of Greenland. The official address for NUNAOIL is Nuuk, but the company is staffed out of Copenhagen.

NUNAOIL’s activities are changed and do also encompasess mineral exploration.

The KANUMAS-group (Kalaallit Nunaat Marine Seismic Project) - consisting of the following companies: BP, Chevron, Exxon, JNOC, Shell, Statoil and NUNAOIL - is awarded a prospecting licence with special preferential rights. NUNAOIL is the operator.

The first seismic data is acquired by the KANUMAS-group. A total of 11,000km2 2D seismic data is aquired by the group in Northwest and Northeast Greenland.

The Fylla licence West of Nuuk is awarded to a consortium by Statoil (operator), Phillips Petroleum, DONG and NUNAOIL. NUNAOIL participates as a carried partner with a licence share of 15%.

An agreement is made between the Danish State and the Greenland Home Rule to separate mineral exploration activities from NUNAOIL. Hereafter, the focus is solely on oil and gas exploration. A shareholder’s agreement is entered and DONG (now Ørsted A/S) buys the Danish State’s share of NUNAOIL. Staff and operation are placed in Nuuk.

NUNAOIL participates in its first exploration drilling (Qulleq-1 well).

NUNAOIL participates as a carried partner with a licence share of 12.5% in a new exploration licence West of Nuuk. NUNAOIL buys an office in Nuuk from where all activities related to the company’s exploration work in Greenland takes place.

The Greenland Home Rule Parliament and the Danish Parliament passes a new oil- and gasstrategy, which states that NUNAOIL in  all future exploration- and exploitation licences will still act as a carried partner with a licence share of 12,5%.

The company focuses on competence building in Greenland concerning oil and gas activities and employs a trainee geologist with a Greenlandic background.

NUNAOIL has a full-time staff of five, all with solid Greenland business experience.

DONG experiences a privatization and DONG’s shares in NUNAOIL is transferred to the Danish State.

NUNAOIL is a carried partner in 13 licences offshore West Greenland with a total area of 131,364km2. The KANUMAS-group carries out a stratigraphic drilling programme in Northeast Greenland.

For the first time ever 3D seismic data in relation to hydrocarbon exploration are acquired in a licence in Greenland. In connection with the introduction of the Greenland Self-Government the Self-Government authorities takes over the shareholding of the Danish State in NUNAOIL A/S and gets fully ownership of the company in compliance with the Inatsisartut Act. No. 15 of 7. december 2009 on NUNAOIL A/S.

3 exploration wells are drilled; the first wells in Greenland in 10 years. GOIA – Greenland Oil Industry Association – is founded and NUNAOIL becomes a member.

NUNAOIL is a carried partner in 20 licences with a total area of 202,000km2 corresponding to more than 25% of the entire North Sea and covering 4 very different geological provinces from Cape Farewell in the South to Baffin Bay in the North. The most northerly 3D seismic survey in the World is acquired in Baffin Bay. NUNAOIL’s organization consists of 8 full-time employees of which 5 are geologists.

The licensees in Baffin Bay carry out a stratigraphic drilling program, which results in new geological information. A total of 1932m distributed on 11 localities are drilled. The owner of NUNAOIL – Naalakkersuisut – works out a ’Report on NUNAOIL A/S’ which concludes that NUNAOIL is to develop into a non-operative oil company

NUNAOIL sponsors the participation of 8 high school students from Greenland in Talent Camp in Greenland and 4 high school students from Greenland in the Oil Sim competition in London.

NUNAOIL is a partner in 5 licences offshore Northeast Greenland. The Government of Greenland agrees on a new oil- and mineral strategy for 2014-2018, which states that NUNAOIL in all future licences will act as a carried partner with a licence share of 6.25% in contrast to the former 12.5%.

25 years after the first exploration on Jameson Land 2 new licences are awarded with NUNAOIL as a carried partner. NUNAOIL is starting a Ph.D. project in co-operation with the University of Copenhagen and The Innovation Fund.

All licences offshore West Greenland are relinquished. NUNAOIL gives a Greenlandic student studying geophysics access to 3D seismic exploration data to be used in a bachelor project.

NUNAOIL is a partner in 5 licences, which is the lowest number in 10 years. NUNAOIL is affected not only economically and physically but also in terms of the number of employees – the office and the house meant for the employees are sold, the number of full time staff is heavily reduced and the number of board members is reduced from 5 to 3. NUNAOIL takes over the administration of GOIA as the only member left.

All licences offshore Northeast Greenland are relinquished and NUNAOIL is a partner in only two licences onshore Jameson Land. NUNAOIL initiates a huge ressource assesment project based on all geological and geophysical data acquired in Greenland.