Who are we

NUNAOIL A/S is the national oil company of Greenland, and is 100% owned by the Government of Greenland. Our job is to attend as a non-operative partner in exploration- and exploitation licences in Greenland on behalf of Greenland’s Self-Government.

The company is a carried partner during the exploration phase, and Greenland consequently does not have to pay for participation in the exploration activities. Beyond being carried, the commitment of NUNAOIL to the licences equals that of the other partners.

As a partner, we are a central part of the technical and economical committees. We actively influence the decisions taken within these committees; decisions that are essential for the exploration work within each licence and across licences in order to secure optimal exploration to the benefit of both the companies and Greenland.

We are an active partner with a unique knowledge about the Greenlandic subsurface, and the ongoing exploration activities, and we work for progression in the licences. The value of the knowledge, which is created daily during our interpretation of geological data, creates the foundation for the continued exploration effort together with our partners which may potentially lead into a commercial discovery of hydrocarbons.


NUNAOIL A/S is the national oil company of Greenland.

We participate in exploration and exploitation licences on the greenlandic continental shelf on behalf of Greenland’s Self-Government.

As a centrally situated partner we can facilitate cooperation and coordination across licences.

Our job within the licences is especially focused on exploration in such a way as to ensure that exploration is carried out with the highest focus on safety and environment as well as ensuring the best possible way of exploring the hydrocarbon potential of Greenland.