First results from the Greenland Resource Assessment Project has been launched

In 2018, NUNAOIL in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) and the Ministry of Industry, Energy, Research and Labour initiated a resource assessment project of the entire Greenlandic shelf. The aim of the project is to conduct a basin analysis, play risk analysis and resource assessment of seven assessment units (AU1-AU7) covering more than 2.4 million km2. This phased and systematic approach will ensure a full evaluation of all basins over time with timely results delivered to the companies prior to licensing rounds.

We are now ready to launch the results from the first assessment unit, which is the Labrador Sea – Davis Strait continental shelf area, West Greenland (Assessment Unit 1). Four play levels have been assessed, with an estimated mean for the undiscovered resources of 5,550 MMBOE risked recoverable. The assessment results are based on all available data collected and interpreted by the companies, GEUS, NUNAOIL and the Ministry.

The deliverables include a comprehensive slide package reflecting the workflow and an ArcGIS/Player project, which are now available for the petroleum exploration companies at no cost and can be downloaded from the project website

On behalf of the entire project group,

Signe Ulfeldt Hede
Managing Director